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Wheel Blast

Wheel blast machines are a simplistic yet complex balance of shot flow and RPM. We have a history of designing, servicing and retrofitting wheel blast machines. We can help find a solution for you today. 

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Wheel Blast Equipment 

Wheel Blast Details

The blast wheel is manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments. Despite their rugged design, the wheel is maintenance friendly. The housing design makes replacing wear components within the wheel cost effective. The wheel housing is lined with a high density metal with a high wear coefficient, meaning the liners will protect the housing, motor, and drive system from the turbulent media within the blast system. 

Choosing the proper wheel size is a critical stage of machine design. Power consumption on the machine is dependent on the amount of wheels and the amount of HP required to run the wheels while under load. While your main concern is obtaining the appropriate results on the part, it is also a good idea to monitor your power consumption and the amount of wheels required. While the breakdown of the wheel is constant, each component plays a unique role in the function of the wheel. 

Potential Features

  • High production 

  • Robust design

  • OD blasting 

  • Easy to teach 

  • Multi angle motion 

  • Mechanical reclaim 

  • High shot flow 

  • Operator friendly

  • Long life equipment 

  • Scalable 

  • All motion outside blast area 

  • Fully Welded 

  • Rotating satellites 

  • Touchscreen controlled 

  • Available in several cabinet styles 

  • Available in several wheel types 

  • Manganese, cast and hybrid rubber lined walls, access doors & vestibules 

  • Low noise 

  • Low dust 

  • Fast load/unloading

Ideal for:
  • Peening 

  • Cleaning 

  • Surface prep 

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