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Preventative Maintenance 

It is important to ensure that your shot blast equipment is properly maintained and that you have the right parts in stock so you are ready for any potential situation. 

Preventative maintenance programs and trending your machine maintenance keeps "down time" to a minimum. 


LBTI host a large line of "Machine Tune-Up" and "Preventative Maintenance" plans, as well as the ability to work with you to find your specific maintenance needs. 

These plans help create "scheduled down time" blocks and hence, use predictive maintenance to ensure that both your equipment and production is dependable. 

LBTI recognizes the need to keep production costs at a minimum in the present economic climate. 

This is why LBTI focuses considerable effort towards preventative maintenance and constant health checks for your existing equipment. 

Your equipment is not a consumable and you should not treat it as such. 

"Preventative efforts become Predictive results"

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