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Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. has developed the 

Media Management Module


This equipment is capable of cleaning used abrasive to better than it was new!

M³-100 Media Management Module

M³-100 Details

LBTI has designed and manufactured the solution to a common problem. The price of abrasive media is always a cost, but we can help you stretch your dollar and get more use out of your abrasive investments.


With successful M3-100 units deployed in service, we are helping recycle your spent abrasive for re-use, resale or recycling. 

  • Model & Size: With modular design capability, we've integrated the footprint of the M3-100 to fit inside of a standard shipping container.

  • Equipment: Integrated elevator system, classification and sorting system with onboard controls and pulse jet cartridge style dust collector. 

  • Feed System: Endless options to feed spent abrasive into our system to best suit your site conditions.

  • Modularity: Adjustable Abrasive Mixing Ratios as specified by customer.

  • Environment: The M3-100 is configured  with Universal Power options for indoor or outdoor use

Multiple Configurations Available

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