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Axle Blast

Axle blast equipment is available with OD or ID nozzle manipulators depending on the application required.

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Axle Blast

Axle Blast Details


  • The equipment is low profile and compact. This makes it possible to fit the equipment into the corner of a workshop or facility.

  • This equipment is available with both mechanical and vacuum systems depending on the blast media used and the number of nozzles.

  • This ID nozzle manipulator configuration makes it possible to blast the central ID of the part while it rotates in the blast cabinet.

  • Heavy-duty construction means a long wear life.

  • The door style on this equipment allows the parts to be loaded via overhead crane for operator ease.

Axle blast equipment is designed to blast long cylindrical parts and is a tried a trusted standard throughout the blasting industry. These pieces of equipment are built tough and are fantastic for meeting high production rates. LBTI build all axle blast equipment from 3/16" material and our designs are fully welded which makes them perfect for the high wear environment they inhabit.

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