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Mini Blaster

Mini blast machines are used in a wide variety of industries. This compact system utilizes footprint space and increases component life cycles. Our history of these mini machines can help us find a solution today. 

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Mini Blaster

Mini Blaster Details

The mini bit blaster is manufactured to service tooling and get it back to functional capability. Despite the small frame design, the mini blaster is maintenance friendly. The open cabinet design makes replacing wear components within the blast area simple and cost effective. The inside is lined with a high-density rubber and metal with a high wear coefficient, meaning the liners will protect the structural properties from the turbulent media within the blast system. 

Potential Features

  • Low production 

  • OD blasting 

  • Easy to teach 

  • Multi angle control

  • Operator friendly

  • Long life equipment 

  • Scalable 

  • All motion outside blast area 

  • Fully Welded 

  • Available in several cabinet styles 

  • Available in hybrid types 

  • Manganese, cast and hybrid rubber lined walls & access doors 

  • Low noise 

  • Low dust 

  • Fast load/unloading

Ideal for:
  • Cleaning 

  • Surface prep 

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