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Controls and Programming

In todays technologically advanced world, it is important to ensure you are utilizing technology to its full potential. Increasingly advanced graphic user interfaces make it easier than ever for an operator with little or no experience to operate and understand the machinery.

Reporting features within your equipment make it easy to track production and measure repeatability of specifications during high accuracy peening procedures.


Reports exporting to web applications, PDF formats, print straight from your touch screen control panel or remotely access a detailed history of production.

Customized reporting features with statistical process control charts including moving range, histogram and CPK.

LBTI offer a full range of programming abilities from PLC programming, web based reporting, robotics and motion control. No matter your platform, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, VB, Motoman, Kuka or ABB, LBTI can offer a host of control solutions.

Increasing your control horizons makes it possible for you to monitor, trend and evaluate your production cycles. Having more strict control thresholds also makes it possible to certify your equipment for "Nadcap" and similar standards.

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