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Swing Table

Swing table blast equipment is designed for high production blasting and allows the operator to load one set of parts while another set is being blasted inside the blast cabinet.

Swing Table 

Swing Table Details

All swing table style Langtry Machines are built specifically for a custom solution. Whether shot peening aerospace components or automotive gears and shafts, these machines provide a reliable construction and low cost operation. Part fixturing and arrangements are special to each customer request, so machine tooling matches the part requirements in the scope of machine capability. Masking is developed with the customer to confirm proper protection of desired areas is achieved.


Additional Features


  • Robotic or Cartesian Nozzle manipulators with varying axis and stroke configurations.

  • OD, ID or a combination of blast coverage.

  • Adjustable media flow control according to application requirements.

  • Automatic loading/unloading of parts.

  • And more.

Machine Footprint:
Width: 7500mm
Depth: 6500mm
Height: 6280mm

Max Part Clearance: *Varies*


The swing table oscillates 180° to transfer the processed/unprocessed parts from the load/unload area to the blast area.


  • Teach pendants make it possible for the operator to easily teach techniques.

  •  This OD nozzle manipulator configuration makes it possible to blast the OD of the part while it rotates in the blast cabinet.

  •  LBTI uses MagnaValves to monitor and controls shot flow.

  •  All third party components are of top quality to ensure ultimate control of the blast equipment and maximize the lifespan of the equipment.

  •  The swing door assembly uses an inflatable seal to seal the blast area and contain media within the cabinet.

  •  A range of blast nozzles are available depending on the application at hand.

  •  The satellite holding the parts rotate once inside the blast area. This allows the blast nozzles to blast the parts evenly.

  •  The load/unload area is fitted with light curtains for operator safety.

  •  The operator uses the HMI to oscillate the door. The HMI is based on a state of the art industrial touchscreen

These machines can be stand alone or integrated into existing systems. Safety and control integration is a feature that can be included in these cases.

Additional Features
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