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Hand Blast

Hand blast equipment is ideal for carrying out a manual process without the operator having to enter the blast cabinet or need to use breathing equipment. The hand blast design allows the operator to simple place their arms through the work sleeves to hold a nozzle inside the cabinet to blast the part while viewing through a blast window. This particular design is available in a host of sizes with a vast number of options from automatic worktables to fully manual mini systems.

  • Urethane ducting wears much longer than standard mild steel ducting against abrasive media.

  • A custom platform ensures that the operator is always located at the perfect ergonomic height for the blasting process.

  • The load/unload area of this particular unit uses a media troth with vacuum tubes to collect media which falls from the part during load/unload.

  • Systems are available with both vacuum and mechanical reclaim systems.

  • This vertical door configuration seals the blast cabinet to ensure that all dust and media stay contained in the blast cabinet during the blasting process.

  • The touchscreen operator interface allows the operator to manipulate the table while in the blast cabinet. This allows the user to manipulate how the part is presented to them.

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