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Automated ID Shot Peening Equipment

This piece of equipment is in full working order and competitively priced. The equipment was designed for shot peening the central bores of landing gear cylinders.  The equipment consists of the blast cabinet, a mechanical reclaim system, two ID lances/nozzle carriages, touch screen computer controls, bucket elevator and blast tank.

The equipment utilizes two ID lances/nozzle manipulators. The lances run on hardened rails and linear bearings. The lances possess the ability to move along the X and Y axis as well as rotate around the X axis.  This allows the equipment the capability to peen parts with varying diameters.  The ID lances use a range of deflector nozzles to deflect an array of media and blast the part IDs.

HMI(Human machine interface controls) are high end and recently upgraded to meet high aerospace levels of process control. The HMI utilizes a touchscreen display to allow the operator to select predefined recipes/techniques suited to specific parts. The recipes/techniques consist of the blast parameters such as nozzle rotate speed, nozzle position, shot flow and air pressure. The recipes/techniques are easily updated, created, changed and/or deleted.


This equipment uses pressure blast as its delivery method. The system utilizes a dual chamber blast tank capable of continuous blasting. The tank uses "PosiSeal" valves to separate the blast chambers. Having two blast chambers allows the system to always have one tank pressurized and capable of blasting.


The blast cabinet roof has the ability to open and close to allow loading the parts through the top of the blast cabinet if required. This action is automated. The blast cabinet also has large barn style work doors on the front side with a manual hand blast station located on the left door. This allows an operator to manually blast parts from outside the blast cabinet by means of sealed work gloves.

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